• 8bit characters of the good folks burgersneversaydie in Silverlake opening
  • Great to see some of the vans Ive painted over
  • Another collaboration wall with the talented djn3ff in Palms for
  • Ballona Wetlands mural for westsideglobalawarenessmagnet elsegundobluebutterfly californiapoppy loggerheadshrike ballonawetlands
  • Cruised down Sunset today and got to see the fun
  • My contribution to the globaleclipsegathering in Oregon last week Thankful
  • Back to school week Summer spraycation at westsideglobalawarenessmagnet
  • Off the grid! Honored to be allowed to design and
  • Colorful gig from a couple of months back for the
  • Last weekends adventure with quake1986 at bizareartfestival Great to see
  • Schoolin Side 2
  • Elementary schoolin Side 1



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