• An older piece I never posted dcypher dtr cbs walls
  • Before all the bells and whistles process dcypher teal turquoise
  • The LEGO movie 2 blacklight Mural with help from curtisstokes
  • Class of 1981 birthday spray! Go Panthers dcypher scrape primer
  • Fronting in the studio with officialogiba this work will be
  • A recent portrait I did of Pauly for paulysproject alongside
  • The finished wall kilokustomz cityscape gtskyline denali kilokustomz motorsports mural
  • Finishing up kilokustomz cityscape denali lamborghini kilokustomz murals greyscale greenandblue
  • Got rained out WIP kilokustomz dcypher cityscape losAngelesgreenlightgreyscalemurals motorsportskilokustomz
  • Recent production with bikerone2001 in Seattle Washington thanks for the
  • Recently painted fire engine for uscevents new promo vehicle in



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